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  • The Final (TSC) Countdown

    Megan Williams and Lynn Robinson, TIA Sustainability Advocates, for Inside Tourism, 27 February 2019

    So when TIA set the goal to reach 1000 sign-ups to the Tourism Sustainability Commitment (TSC) by
    the end of March 2019, we knew the industry would show up in support, though some might say it’s
    a big ask.

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  • Slower growth forecast

    Chris Roberts for the New Zealand Herald, 31 January 2019

    By any measure, New Zealand’s tourism industry has experienced a remarkable
    period of growth. However, the downgrade to Air New Zealand’s earnings
    forecast has confirmed that we are entering a new phase, where the growth is
    less spectacular.

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  • Focusing on future-proofing our industry

    Chris Roberts for HM Industry Leaders Edition, published January 2019.

    Many people who work in the vast tourism industry will tell you that what they love
    about their career is the knowledge that no two days are the same.

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  • Tourism's Great 2018 Adventure

    Chris Robert's 2018 round-up column for Tourism Ticker.

    2018 has been a great adventure for us at TIA and for the New Zealand tourism
    industry. Of course there were a few speedbumps and rocks on the road. But we
    caught many beautiful sunrises and climbed a few mountains we didn’t think we
    were fit enough to manage. Get out your metaphorical photo album and let’s
    take a look back at Tourism’s Great 2018 Adventure.

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  • Note from the Chair

    December 2018

    As we head into another busy summer season, the infrastructure needed to support tourism and who should pay for it will continue to be debated at both the local and national levels.

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  • $39.1 billion tourism industry’s focus turns to maintenance

    Chris Roberts for AccommNews, 17 December 2018

    The end of 2018 brought excellent news for the tourism industry – it hit an estimated value of $39.1 billion, according to the latest Tourism Satellite Account figures.

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  • All hands on deck for summer camping education

    Steve Hanrahan, Advocacy Manager for Inside Tourism, September 2018

    As the summer months loom, our industry and government have been working hard to continue improving the management of responsible camping.

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  • How do we attract more people to work in tourism?

    By Sally Attfield, Hotel Sector Manager for AMG Magazine, September 2018

    Accommodation providers around the country are rolling up their sleeves in preparation for another busy summer season. And no doubt many of you are struggling to find all the staff you need to look after your guests appropriately.

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  • Golden weather summer for tourism

    Chris Roberts for Inside Tourism, 5 February 2018

    The weather is always a popular topic in New Zealand but especially so this summer.
    Sustained fine and very hot spells have been interspersed with sudden and violent
    These weather extremes have had a mixed impact on tourism.

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  • Note from the Chair

    March 2018

    Four years of strong growth has the industry ahead of target to meet the Tourism 2025 $41b annual revenue goal. Positively, most of you are enjoying that growth.

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  • Note from the TIA Chair

    September 2017

    In 2014 our industry set ourselves the target of growing tourism’s value to $41 billion a year by 2025. At the time, that seemed to be an aspirational goal – nearly doubling our total annual revenue.

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  • Note from the TIA Chair

    June 2017

    Following our June TIA Board meeting, I’m happy to report that your association is in a healthy and positive state – much like the industry it supports!

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  • Note from the Chair

    March 2017

    Yesterday we had the first TIA Board Meeting and ‘deep dive’ session for 2017. This short update is to keep you informed from a Board perspective on how we see the industry and key activities, plus a general update on TIA.

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  • Targeted rates, levies and taxes – they aren’t all equal

    December 2016 - Chris Roberts, TIA Chief Executive

    There’s been a lot of talk this year about visitor taxes of various forms. Most recently new Auckland Mayor Phil Goff announced plans for a ‘visitor levy’ which, on closer examination, turned out to be a targeted rate.

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  • Unlocking a lifetime of buying power

    3 November 2016

    Customer experience should be uniform for all ages but too often, it is not, according to globally recognised thought-leader and Silver Group founder and CEO Kim Walker, who is speaking at the Tourism Summit Aotearoa in Wellington on November 9.

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  • What tourism can learn from mining

    21 September 2016

    New Zealand’s tourism industry can learn much from both the successes and failures of the mining industry, according to Adjunct Professor Bruce Harvey of the University of Queensland.

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  • TIA technology upgrade

    28 July 2016

    We are moving towards the final phase of a major 2016 technology upgrade that is making our business more efficient and delivering big improvements to members.

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  • A note from the Chairman

    TIA Board Update, 23 June 2016 - Grant Lilly, Chairman

    It was a big summer and very strong autumn for our tourism industry – but you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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  • Two countries, one visa

    TIA Blog, 29 April 2016 - Chris Roberts, Chief Executive

    Each year Anzac Day is a time to remember those who made sacrifices to defend our freedom.

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  • Refocusing TIA's priorities

    TIA Blog, 1 April 2016 - Chris Roberts, Chief Executive

    The remarkable growth our industry has experienced over the past two years has required TIA to refocus our priorities. For 2016/17 our focus is very much on the big strategic imperatives that will ensure sustainable progress towards the goals of Tourism 2025.

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  • Air connectivity - flying high

    By Steve Riley, TIA Policy & Insight Specialist
    (this column was published in Tourism Business magazine, Autumn 2016)

    The influx of new airlines and air services is profiting the whole industry, with on-the-ground operators set to benefit the most.

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  • Who should pay to support tourism growth?

    Inside Tourism column, 31 March 2016 - Chris Roberts, TIA Chief Executive

    It’s been a boomer summer for New Zealand tourism, with a record number of international visitors enjoying all we have to offer.

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  • A note from the Chairman

    TIA Blog, 18 March - Grant Lilly, Chairman

    Local government and infrastructure needs are two extremely important topics for our tourism industry right now.

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  • Taxing questions about investment in the conservation estate

    TIA Blog, 3 March 2016 - Chris Roberts, Chief Executive

    I noted with interest recent comments in the media that the Conservation Authority is investigating different charging mechanisms in response to tourism growth.

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  • Opportunities of tourism growth

    NZ Herald column, March 2016 - Chris Roberts, TIA Chief Executive

    New Zealand is welcoming a record number of international visitors this summer.

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  • We've got a good thing going

    TIA Blog, 22 Jan 2016 - Chris Roberts, Chief Executive

    Can we have too much of a good thing?

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