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Policy Positions

Tourism Infrastructure

TIA recognises that significant public and private investment in infrastructure is required to support growth and the long-term sustainability of the industry.

A failure to invest in time in critical infrastructure would damage the visitor economy and the visitor experience.

The industry does and must continue to play its part by re-investing back in its asset base.

TIA supports major infrastructure developments (e.g. Airports, Cruise terminals and Convention Centres) where the investment decisions are made with due diligence and clear evidence of tangible benefits to the visitor economy.  

TIA recognises that visitor growth can put pressure on local government infrastructure primarily provided for local residents, which has often seen long-term under investment. This infrastructure needs to support both locals and the often marginal consumption of visitors.

TIA favours a central government infrastructure fund of sufficient scale to assist the most deserving and pressing investments to be made in time to support visitor growth.

TIA supports government involvement in attracting foreign investment into the New Zealand tourism industry. 

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